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Heat Resistant & Non-Stick Cooking Utensils

Heat Resistant & Non-Stick Cooking Utensils

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1. Use safe silicone material, non-toxic, tasteless, and soft.Heat resistant and non-stick.Safe to use
2. It has good heat resistance, so it can be used directly in the pot and in contact with food.
3. Soft silicone doesn't scratch pots and pans
4. It is Very durable
5. A non-stick surface is very good for cleaning. Just rinse and wipe with clean water


Product Name: Wooden Handle Silicone Kitchenware Set
Size: Food clip: 30.5*3.2cm,
Frying spatula: 32.5*8cm,
Brush: 28*4cm,
Scraper: 32*6.7cm,
Flat scraper: 32.5*7cm
Soupspoon: 32*8cm,
Secret spoon: 32*7cm,
Leaking shovel: 32.5*8cm,
Powder claw: 32*6cm,
Whisk: 24*6.5cm,
Colander: 32*7cm,
Material: Beech + Silicone
Packing: color box;
Color box size: less than 9-piece kitchenware color box 10*9*33.5cm (green color box)
Color box with kitchenware bucket 13.5*13.5*34.5cm (yellow color box)

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1* set

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